Stats Camp: SAS SQL Processing

Presented by J. Hale
October 3, 2007 at 4:00 PM
107 Weir Hall, UM Oxford Campus


SAS SQL PROC allows SAS programmers to query not only relational databases but also SAS data sets using Structured Query Language (SQL).

Getting SAS OnDemand for Academics

As a "Stats Camp" participant, you may register for SAS OnDemand for Academics and then download and install SAS OnDemand for Academics: Enterprise Guide.

Here's how to get started:

Go to the following web site:

Select Register as a Student and then follow the instructions to purchase a license. If prompted, select Mississippi and the University of Mississippi. When prompted to select a course, choose:

Stats Camp: IT's Weekly Statistics Software Seminar Series.

Enter the UM STATS CAMP COUPON CODE in the Coupon Code field to receive a FREE license for the software. (E-mail from your Ole Miss e-mail address and we will send you the code.)

For more information about SAS OnDemand for Academics, including commonly asked installation questions, visit

Getting SAS Enterprise Guide, without using SAS OnDemand for Academics

The Office of Information Technology purchases 50 SAS licenses each year. Faculty researches wishing to sub-license one of these copies from us for $75.00/year may send e-mail to Once your account has been charged, we will send someone with SAS CDs to perform the installation. Please be sure to tell them to install SAS Enterprise Guide, which is an additional step, requiring additional CDs, after the base SAS installation.

NOTE: We are currently awaiting the EG CD shipment from SAS

Materials from the 10/3 Stats Camp Seminar on SAS SQL: