MCSR Researchers

Researchers from 1 - 50 of 1797  

Mead Lawrence  USM Physics and Astronomy Associate Professor 
Perkins A. Louise USM Computer Science Faculty 
Gong Yue-Jin  USM Center for Ocean and Atmospheric Modeling Graduate Student 
huan xiaoli  USM computer science  
Bentrem Frank  USM Physics Graduate Student 
Li Xiaochuan  USM Mathematics Graduate Student 
Broadhead Kent  USM Scientific Computing Graduate Student 
Pojman John  USM Polymer Science Professor 
Huang Faqing  USM Chemistry and Biochemistry Associate Professor 
Anderson Kelly  USM Physics Graduate Student 
Li Tiandao  USM Coastal Sciences Graduate Student 
Lee Joon  USM Physics and Astronomy Faculty 
Liu Yimin  USM Physics and Astronomy Faculty 
Kolibal Joseph G. USM Mathematics Assistant Professor 
Ding Jiu  USM Mathematics Assistant Professor 
Shulman Igor  USM COAM Research Scientist 
Xu Liang  USM Electrical Engineering Graduate Student 
Mayer John G. USM Oceanographic Studies Graduate Student 
Joshi Shrikant  USM Chemical Engineering Graduate Student 
Passi Ranjit  USM Center for Ocean and Atmospheric Modeling Research Scientist 
Pandey Ras  USM Physics and Astronomy Associate Professor 
Cumberland Lonnie T. USM COAM Graduate Student 
Cueva-Parra Luis Alberto USM Scientific Computing  
dutta ruma  USM scientific computing staff 
Duffee-Braun Wesley  USM Computer Science and Mathematics Researcher 
yang huiqing  USM scientific computing Ph.D. Student 
Murali Beddhu  USM Computer Science Assistant Professor 
Bond William Glenn USM School of Computing Graduate Assistant / CSC 730 Student 
Xie Dexuan  USM Mathematics Professor 
Osterman Walter O. USM Stennis Space Center Graduate Student 
Qian Wen  USM Ctr for Oceanic and Atmospheric Modeling Research Associate 
Hayes Melisa  USM Physics  
Smith Walter  USM Mathematics Graduate Student 
Rajendran Arun Kumar  USM Computational Science Student 
Tziperman Eli  USM Center for Ocean and Atmospheric Modeling Faculty 
Fu Erxun  USM Center for Ocean and Atmospheric Modeling Assistant Research Scientist 
Kelly Brian  USM Center for Ocean and Atmopheric Modeling Research Scientist 
Werneth Charles Martin USM Department of Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student 
Yip Kuor-Jier  USM Marine Sciences Professor 
Gao Feng  USM Physics and Astronomy Student 
Cai Yu  USM Computer Science Graduate Student 
Yang Shihai  USM Department of physics and astronomy student 
Jarrett Jr. William  USM Polymer Science Professor 
Foo Grace  USM Computer Science Graduate Student 
Wang Yufang  USM Computer Science and Statistics  
Harwood Joseph Heath USM Geology Graduate Assistant 
Lescanec Robert  USM Polymer Science Assistance Professor 
Peggion Germana  USM Center for Ocean and Atmospheric Modeling Research Scientist 
Ye Yang  USM Computer Science  
Bateman Sam  USM Physics Department Research Assistant 

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