EMACS Editor Workshop


EMACS is an editor available in UNIX. This is a screen editor like vi editor. Unlike vi, EMACS is not an insertion mode editor. Meaning any character typed will be automatically inserted into the file unless it includes a command prefix. Commands in EMACS are either control characters (hold down control key while typing the character) or prefixed by one of a reserved character with escape key. Emacs have the option to divide the screen into several screens. In this case each screen has a buffer. This could be used in case if we want to edit the same file at multiple location at once.

Getting Started

Login to SSH secure shell client using the following information:

EMACS Commands

C- indicates hold down control key while entering character
M- indicates prefix reserved character with escape key

Using Help Creating a File View a File Edit a File Moving Around in a File Delete Undo Search Save and Exit Create Multiple screens