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Brooks, Cleanth

William Faulkner: The Yoknapatawpha Country

ISBN: 0807116017

Fowler and Abadie

Faulkner and Humor

(out of print)

ISBN: 0878052828

ISBN: 087805281X

Jones, Anne Goodwyn

Haunted Bodies: Gender and Southern Texts (paperback)Haunted Bodies: Gender and Southern Texts


ISBN: 0813917255


ISBN: 0813917263

Kartiganer and Abadie

Faulkner in Cultural Context


ISBN: 157806001X


ISBN: 1578060028

Faulkner and the Natural World


ISBN: 1578061202


ISBN: 1578061210

Urgo, Joseph

Faulkner’s Apocrypha: A Fable, Snopes, and the Spirit of Human Rebellion

ISBN: 0878054049

Note: This listing is provided as a guide to locate scholarly print resources (typically books and articles) pertaining to Faulkner. Except in a few rare instances, these resources are not freely available on the Internet. Some resources may be available via subscription-based online databases, such as Ebscohost, JSTOR, Literature Online, Project MUSE, and netLibrary, to name just a few. Check with your local library for availability. Because they are protected by copyright, none of the bibliographical resources listed here are available online at this web site.

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