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A Faulkner Bibliography

Magazines, Journals, and Periodicals

Following is a list of periodical publications devoted in whole or part to William Faulkner.


The Faulkner Journal. Beginning with its first issue in Fall 1985, The Faulkner Journal has been the single longest-lived scholarly journal of criticism devoted solely to Faulkner. Its editorial offices are now located at Central Florida University.
ISSN: 0884-2949.
Website at <> Note:
Journal issues are not online.

The Faulkner Newsletter & Yoknapatawpha Review. First issue published Jan.-March 1981. Unlike the Faulkner Journal, the newsletter -- printed on tabloid-sized broadsheets -- is devoted more to news of books or articles about Faulkner, scholarly seminars and conferences, auctions or sales of first editions and memorabilia and other news related to the life and work of William Faulkner. The newsletter is published by Yoknapatawpha Press, founded by Faulkner’s niece Dean Faulkner Wells and based in Faulkner’s hometown of Oxford, Mississippi. The first 54 issues have been collected and spiral bound with index and sold as a special edition by Yoknapatawpha Press.
ISSN: 0733-6357.
Website at <> Note:
Issues are not online.

Faulkner Studies. This journal, published by the Department of English at the University of Miami, existed for a single volume in 1980.
ISSN: 0885-7245.

The Mississippi Quarterly . Each year's Summer issue is normally devoted to Faulkner criticism and is guest-edited by a Faulkner scholar.
ISSN: 0026-637X.
Website at <>. Note:
Issues are not online.

Oxford American. Founded in 1992 and based in the Mississippi town of its title, Oxford American is a general-interest magazine with frequent Faulkner-related articles, including publication of a previously unpublished short story, "Rose of Lebanon," in 1995 and several unpublished letters in 1997.
ISSN: 1074-4525.
Website at <>
Note: Issues are not online.

Teaching Faulkner. Edited by Robert Hamblin and Charles Peek, this newsletter is published twice annually by the Center for Faulkner Studies at Southeast Missouri State University.
Online at <>

William Faulkner Email Discussion Group. Although not a periodical per se, this mailing list (or "listserv") is a forum for critical exchange on all matters pertaining to William Faulkner: texts, criticism, biography, cultural contexts, pedagogy, professional announcements, information exchange, discussion, and queries. It is maintained by Dr. Joseph Urgo. The mailing list is open to anyone interested in Faulkner.
To subscribe via email, send the message "subscribe faulkner" to

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