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Faulkner Genealogies

The Snopes Family

See also commentaries and resources for The Hamlet, The Town, and The Mansion (the so-called "Snopes Trilogy").
The Snopes Family Ab Snopes Vynie Snopes Mrs. Ab Snopes Flem Snopes Eula Varner Sarty Snopes Hoake McCarron Net Snopes Lizzy Snopes Linda Snopes Barton Kohl I.O. Snopes Byron Snopes Mrs. Byron Snopes Byron Snopes' children Virgil Snopes Mrs. I.O. Snopes (first wife) Mrs. I.O. Snopes (second wife) Saint Elmo Snopes Vardaman Snopes Bilbo Snopes Montgomery Ward Snopes Doris Snopes Clarence Snopes Eck Snopes Wallstreet Panic Snopes Admiral Dewey Snopes Lennie Snopes
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The Snopes Family

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