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The following editions of The Unvanquished are available for purchase online:

The Unvanquished (Vintage Paperback Edition) The Unvanquished: The Corrected Text

Vintage International


ISBN: 0679736522

Published 1991

Novels, 1936-1940 Novels, 1936-1940: Absalom, Absalom!, The Unvanquished, If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem, The Hamlet

Library of America


ISBN: 0940450550

Published 1990

Published February 15, 1938, by Random House.

One of Faulkner’s easiest novels to read, The Unvanquished tells the story of Bayard Sartoris, his black friend Ringo, and his strong, determined grandmother, Rosa Millard, during the Civil War. Originally published as a series of short stories in The Saturday Evening Post, Faulkner revised the stories for inclusion in the novel.

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