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Annotations to Pylon

By Susie Paul Johnson



ISBN: 082404231X

Published 1989

Pylon: Typescript Setting Copy and Miscellaneous Holograph Pages

By Noel Polk (ed.)


ISBN: 0824068165

Published 1987

Pylon: A Concordance to the Novel

By Noel Polk

UMI Research Press

ISBN: 0835708802

Published 1989


Character List

Character List

Names in bold face indicate major or significant characters.
  • Atkinson
  • Bullitt, Mrs.
  • Bullitt, R. Q. (Bob)
  • Burnham, Lieutenant Frank
  • Chance, Vic
  • Cooper
  • Despleins, Jules
  • Feinmann, Colonel H.I.
  • Grady
  • Grant, Joe
  • Hagood
  • Hank
  • Holmes, Jack
  • Hurtz
  • Jackson, Art
  • Jiggs
  • Joe
  • Jug
  • Laverne (Mrs. Shumann)
  • Leblanc
  • Legendre, Dr.
  • Leonora
  • Mac
  • Marchand
  • Monk
  • Myers, Al
  • Ord, Mrs.
  • Ord, Matt
  • Ott, Jimmy
  • Pete
  • Reporter
  • Sales, Mac
  • Shumann, Dr. Carl S.
  • Shumann, Jack
  • Shumann, Roger
  • Smitty
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