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William Faulkner’s Short Stories
(By Publication)

About the short story lists: included here are all of Faulkner’s published short stories except for those that appear solely as a constituent part of a novel. Hence, for example, the short story “Go Down, Moses,” which was first published in Collier’s in 1941 and was later incorporated into the book of the same title, will be listed here, whereas “Was,” the short story that opens the novel Go Down, Moses but which was never published elsewhere, will not be listed. Only works that have been published are included; for a more complete bibliography of Faulkner’s short stories, including works that exist only in manuscript or typescript form, please see James Ferguson's Faulkner’s Short Fiction (Knoxville: U of Tennessee P, 1991), pp. 187-98.

Titles link to individual pages that include more detailed information about the work. Dates are of first publication. Notes include reference to works that were later revised or otherwise incorporated into longer works.

Sorted Alphabetically by Publication



American Caravan IV
Ad Astra” (1931)

American Mercury
Honor” (July 1930)
That Evening Sun” (March 1931)
Hair” (May 1931)
Centaur in Brass” (February 1932)
Pennsylvania Station” (February 1934)
Golden Land” (May 1935)
That Will Be Fine” (July 1935)
Uncle Willy” (October 1935)

Gold Is Not Always” (November 1940)
Evangeline” (November 1979)

Book Club of Texas
Miss Zilphia Gant (1932)

College Life
Two Dollar Wife” (January 1936)

A Point of Law” (22 June 1940)
Go Down, Moses” (25 January 1941)

Once Aboard the Lugger (I)” (1 February 1932)

Doctor Martino and Other Stories
The Leg
Black Music

Double Dealer
New Orleans” (January-February 1925)

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
An Error in Chemistry” (June 1946)

Afternoon of a Cow” (1943)

A Rose for Emily” (30 April 1930)

Freshman Theme Review
Music--Sweeter than the Angels Sing” (April 1928)

Georgia Review
A Portrait of Elmer” (1979)

The Hound” (August 1931)
Fox Hunt” (September 1931)
Dr. Martino” (Nov. 1931)
Smoke” (April 1932)
Beyond” (Sept. 1933)
Wash” (Feb. 1934)
Lion” (Dec. 1935)
Barn Burning” (June 1939)
The Old People” (Sept. 1940)
Pantaloon in Black” (Oct. 1940)
A Name for the City” (Oct. 1950)

Harper’s Bazaar
Sepulture South: Gaslight” (Dec. 1954)

Mississippi” (April 1954)

Knight’s Gambit
Knight’s Gambit

Levee Publishers (Greenville, Mississippi)
Notes on a Horsethief (1951)

By the People” (Oct. 1955)

Mississippi Quarterly
Nympholepsy” (1973)
And Now What's To Do” (1973)
The Priest” (1976)
Frankie and Johnny” (1978)
Don Giovanni” (1979)

The Mississippian
Landing in Luck” (Nov. 26, 1919)
The Hill” (March 10, 1922)

Missouri Review
Love” (1988)

New Orleans Times-Picayune
Mirrors of Chartres Street” (Feb. 8, 1925)
Damon and Pythias Unlimited” (Feb. 15, 1925)
Jealousy” (March 1, 1925)
Cheest” (April 5, 1925)
Out of Nazareth” (April 12, 1925)
The Kingdom of God” (April 26, 1925)
The Rosary” (May 3, 1925)
The Cobbler” (May 10, 1925)
Chance” (May 17, 1925)
Sunset” (May 24, 1925)
The Kid Learns” (May 31, 1925)
The Liar” (July 26, 1925)
Home” (Aug. 16, 1925)
Episode” (Aug. 16, 1925)
Country Mice” (Sept. 20, 1925)
Yo Ho and Two Bottles of Rum” (Sept. 27, 1925)

Oxford American
Rose of Lebanon” (May-June 1995)

The Portable Faulkner
Appendix, Compson, 1699-1945

Random House (Publisher)
Idyll in the Desert (Dec. 8, 1931)

Saturday Evening Post
Thrift” (Sept. 6, 1930)
Red Leaves” (Oct. 25, 1930)
Lizards in Jamshyd’s Courtyard” (Feb. 27, 1932)
Turnabout” (March 5, 1932)
Mountain Victory” (Dec. 3, 1932)
A Bear Hunt” (Feb. 10, 1934)
Ambuscade” (Sept. 29, 1934)
Retreat” (Oct. 13, 1934)
Raid” (Nov. 3, 1934)
The Unvanquished” (Nov. 14, 1936)
Vendée” (Dec. 5, 1936)
Hand Upon the Waters” (Nov. 4, 1939)
Tomorrow” (Nov. 23, 1940)
The Tall Men” (May 31, 1941)
Two Soldiers” (March 28, 1942)
The Bear” (May 9, 1942)
Shingles for the Lord” (Feb. 13, 1943)
Race at Morning” (March 1955)
Hell Creek Crossing” (March 31, 1962)
Mr. Acarius” (Oct. 9, 1965)
The Wishing Tree (April 8, 1967)

Dry September” (Jan. 1931)
Spotted Horses” (June 1931)
Death Drag” (Jan. 1932)
There Was a Queen” (Jan. 1933)
Mule in the Yard” (Aug. 1934)
Skirmish at Sartoris” (April 1935)
The Brooch” (Jan. 1936)
Fool About a Horse” (Aug. 1936)
Monk” (May 1937)

Sewanee Review
A Courtship” (Fall 1948)

Artist at Home” (Aug. 1933)
Elly” (Feb. 1934)
Lo!” (Nov. 1934)
Delta Autumn” (May-June 1942)
My Grandmother Millard and General Bedford Forrest and the Battle of Harrykin Creek” (March-April 1943)
Shall Not Perish” (July-August 1943)

These 13
Divorce in Naples
A Justice
All the Dead Pilots

Uncollected Stories
Once Aboard the Lugger (II)
The Big Shot
With Caution and Dispatch
A Dangerous Man
Hog Pawn
A Return
Dull Tale

University of Notre Dame Press
Mayday (1977)

Virginia Quarterly Review
Lucas Beauchamp” (1999)

William Faulkner und die humoristische Tradition des amerikanischen Südens
Al Jackson” (1971)

The Yale Review
Christmas Tree” (January 1995)


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