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A Yoknapatawpha Timeline

 (1540-1860  (1861-1865(1865-1883)  (1884-1910) (1911-1920) (1921-1941)  (1942-1962)
The Civil War

April 12: The Civil War begins at Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. A number of Yoknapatawpha County residents fight in the war, including General Jason Lycurgus Compson II, Buck and Buddy McCaslin, John and Bayard Sartoris, and Thomas and Henry Sutpen; Charles Bon of New Orleans also fights in the war. Colonel John Sartoris forms a regiment with Sutpen second in command.

July 21: The First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run) is fought in Virginia near Washington, D.C. This first major battle in the war is a Confederate victory. Among those participating in the battle are Colonel John Sartoris' regiment.
Percival Brownlee reappears in Jefferson as a preacher. (Go Down, Moses)
[D] April: In a foolhardy attempt to capture some anchovies, Bayard Sartoris I is killed by Union forces under General Pope. (Sartoris/Flags in the Dust)
April 6-7: The Battle of Shiloh, the first major battle in the West, is fought in Tennessee just north of Corinth, Mississippi. Despite overwhelming casualties on both sides, the Union is victorious. General Jason Lycurgus Compson II, a brigade commander, is among those who "failed" at Shiloh. (The Sound and the Fury [Appendix])
[E] Summer: Bayard Sartoris II and Ringo are nearly caught by Union soldiers for shooting a horse, but they are able to hide from Union commander Nathaniel G. Dick under Granny Rosa Millard's skirts. (The Unvanquished)
August 31-September 1: The Second Battle of Manassas (Bull Run) fought in Virginia; like the first the previous summer, it is a Confederate victory. Shortly thereafter, Colonel John Sartoris' troops deposed him as regimental commander. Thomas Sutpen is elected colonel. (The Unvanquished)
[E] September?: Colonel John Sartoris returns to Mississippi and forms a regiment of irregulars to fight and raid Union stores in Mississippi and Tennessee. He is so successful in disrupting Union operations in the region that a price is placed upon his head by Union commanders. (The Unvanquished)
As a member of Colonel John Sartoris's cavalry under the command of General Nathan Bedford Forrest, Buck McCaslin rides in, and immediately out of, the Gayoso Hotel in Memphis, which is occupied by Union troops. (Go Down, Moses)
July 1-3: The Battle of Gettysburg fought in Pennsylvania, with a devastating defeat for the Confederates. Southern casualties are especially high on the last day of the battle, when a frontal assault led by General George Pickett against a heavily fortified Union line on Cemetery Ridge is soundly turned back by Union troops.
July 4: Vicksburg, the last major Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River, surrenders to Union General Ulysses S. Grant after a 47-day siege.
 (1540-1860  (1861-1865(1865-1883)  (1884-1910) (1911-1920) (1921-1941)  (1942-1962)

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